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You probably have heard about leading diseases that have become the cause of early mortality, but have you ever heard about obesity as a leading global disease? People usually take obesity lightly; however, the reality is quite opposite.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in the body that should be reduced. When the body mass index (BMI) exceeds the normal range according to a person’s height, gender, and age, that person is considered obese. People’s lifestyles have changed drastically, which ultimately leads to overweight and obesity.

Facts Associated with Obesity

The study shows that around 4 million people die per year because of the highest rate of obesity. It does not just modify the lifestyle, but it is itself a leading cause of mortality. Between 1980 to 2015, around 195 countries have become affected by obesity where socio-economic factors, genetic factors, and lifestyle impacted a lot. It needs to be reduced as it has been an epidemic, and there are no chances of reduction in the near future, which is highly alarming (Hruby, et al, 2015).

Obesity is directly related to more than 60 chronic diseases. Therefore, it affects everyone, from children to adults to elders. It has been estimated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that American people eat around 20% more calories in 2000 than before. Their consumption of fats increases day by day, and people do not realize it (Myers, et al, 2015). Also, their busy life has no time for physical activity, which lead them to a higher rate of obesity. No physical activity and office jobs are some of the reasons for obesity in the USA. You can consult an obesity doctor near me at Anytime Urgent Care Clinic.

There was a little time between 2009 to 2012 when the rate of obesity paused temporarily, but now it has been predicted that it will be the significant leading problem by 2030% among young adults in the United States (Wang, et al, 2020).

Prevent Obesity

Now, it’s high time to get aware and reduce extra weight in order to prevent yourself from several diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndromes, high blood pressure, and many more. Therefore, we, Anytime Primary Care Clinic based in Atlanta, GA, USA, are there to provide assistance in order to cope with overweight and obesity.

Our clinic offers you injections of vitamin B-12 to enhance your metabolism and provide you with more energy, ultimately helping you get rid of unwanted pounds. We have a broad range of well-trained practitioners who provide you services, including injections, pills, hormone pellet therapy, and encourage you to eat low carbs diet.

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Hormone pellet therapy assists to restore hormone levels to their natural state. The pellet delivers stable and low dosages of the hormone when administered. The ultimate purpose is to mimic the human ovary and testicles’ activity. This therapy is essential in order to get an accurate amount of hormones according to your body’s needs. It eventually maintains your regular hormonal level that enables the body to produce healthy and beneficial estrogen and testosterone levels. As a result, hormone pellet therapy assists you in regulating a healthy and stable body weight which prevents fat storage and keeps you protected from obesity, a global epidemic. It eventually enhances the quality of life as it also improves mood and confidence, boosts energy, promotes libido, and prevents bone loss. Hormone pellet therapy is one of the safest and most convenient ways to supplement hormones, offered safely and timely in our clinic.

Our practitioners are trained to guide you regarding a specific diet to follow in order to lose weight. We recommend the Keto diet as it contains a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high fat that varies from common, nutritious eating suggestions. A ketogenic diet boosts weight loss by loss of appetite. It is necessary for obese people as well as for patients with high cholesterol or high sugar level (Cardel, et al, 2019).

Being overweight is when you have a high-calorie absorption but low energy investment. One should reduce calorie intake to drop weight or do daily exercise and reduce calorie intake simultaneously. But if an overweight person finds it difficult, he should follow a healthy diet chart, and he doesn’t need to do exercise. We suggest a healthy diet chart that helps you attain a healthy weight in the near time. Then what are you waiting for? Visit our local base Urgent care clinic, Anytime Primary Care Clinic, Powder Springs, GA. The USA, and get rid of obesity with our professional services, including injections, pills hormone pellet therapy, and a specific diet chart.


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