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Hormone Replacement Therapy





What is HRT?

Hormone fluctuations are part of every man and woman’s life; from puberty to menopause, hormones spike and wane. As a man and women transition in their late 30s and early 40s, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone begin to steadily decline, creating challenging symptoms. The most common including hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness, erectile disfunction, low sex drive. Hormone Replacement Therapy or Hormone Pellet Therapy (HRT, HPT) is a prescription treatment used to boost hormone levels, by replenishing the estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone that diminish over time. At Anytime Urgent Care & Wellness clinic in Powder Springs GA, we only use plant-based, bioidentical hormones derived from yams that are identical in molecular structure to those made naturally in your body.

Anytime Clinic board-certified Medical Providers are available to listen to your concerns and design a personalized HRT plan just for you at the best affordable price in Atlanta GA. Women Pellet Therapy at $250 that is $150off and Men starts at $450 normally $700 every where else.

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HRT for Men improve your testosterone levels with natural hormone replacement therapy. Hormone Pellet Therapy improves muscle mass, energy, libido, age related illness as Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease. Plus, you’ll feel stronger and have more confidence.

Types of HRT

The primary use of estrogen therapy is to treat menopause symptoms that include vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes and night sweats) and urogenital atrophy (itching, dryness, and irritation).

Progesterone therapy does help regulate the growth of uterine cells which can occur with estrogen therapy, it can also address symptoms in the following ways: Aiding restful sleep, Alleviating anxiety and stress, Improving mood, Supporting memory and Curbing hot flashes

Testosterone is typically thought to be a hormone unique to men, but women also produce and need testosterone. Testosterone also decreases during menopause, causing symptoms like low libido,Brain fog, Painful sex, Fatigue and Weight gain. Anytime Clinic Powder Springs prescribes DHEA to raise testosterone levels.

A blend of estrogen and progesterone. Hormone Pellet Therapy treatment plan can also include DHEA for testosterone, if the medical provider assesses that it would be helpful.

Benefits of HRT

HRT has been shown to reduce the risk of the following:

HRT has also demonstrated the capacity to maintain and enhance muscle mass, strength, and connective tissue.

Health Risks Associated with Hormone Therapy

A discussion with your medical provider can determine whether you are a good candidate and if the benefits would outweigh the risks. Heart disease, which can include risk of heart attack
Increased risk of blood clots and stroke, especially during the first year of use – this risk is increased in patients who have high blood pressure and smoke.
Increased risk of breast cancer with long-term use of HRT

Bioidentical HRT

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones derived and processed from plants that are chemically identical to the hormones that the body naturally produces. Bioidentical HRT that is sourced from FDA-approved ingredients, derived from yams, and has shown to be effective and reliable for symptom relief.

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