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Tele-Med/House calls

Tele-Med/ House calls

All the ways your Health fits into Your time.

Zoom FaceTime Calls, House calls, Text and all the ways to Contact us.

What We Offer

$45 Tele-Med
$250 House Calls

From Traditional House Clinic Calls To Modern Zoom Consultations – We Cater To Your Unique Health Needs

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. That’s where Telemedicine breaks down barriers to healthcare, bringing the doctor’s visit right to your home! At Anytime Clinic Care, we understand the importance of providing healthcare that seamlessly integrates into your busy schedule. Our Tele-Med services are designed to offer efficient, convenient, and accessible medical care that puts your well-being at the forefront. Whether you’re seeking medical consultations through video calls or the simplicity of a house call, we’ve got you covered.

Making House Clinic Calls and FaceTime Zoom Calls

Our approach to healthcare is centred around ensuring that you receive the medical attention you need when you need it. That’s why we proudly offer house call medical services as part of our commitment to simple convenience health. Whether you or a loved one require specialized care in the comfort of your own home, we’re here to make it happen. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing expert medical care in your familiar surroundings. This service extends to senior care clinic house calls, delivering the highest standard of healthcare to those who need it most.

For the tech-savvy and those who prefer virtual interactions, our FaceTime Zoom calls offer a direct and personal connection with our healthcare providers. These virtual consultations are not only a time-efficient way to discuss your health concerns but also ensure that distance doesn’t limit access to quality healthcare. Our telemedicine services embrace the best of modern technology to bridge the gap between you and your healthcare provider.

Multiple Ways to Connect with Us For Tele-Med

At Anytime Clinic Care, we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to communication. We provide multiple channels for you to contact us, from traditional phone calls and text messages to social media platforms. Our goal is to ensure that you can reach out to us through the method that’s most convenient for you, at any time. We truly live up to our name of “Anytime Contact.” You don’t have to wait for regular business hours to get the medical attention you require.

No Appointment Necessary Walk-In Clinic

Why wait for an appointment when you can ‘walk-in’ to our no-appointment necessary clinic! The core of our approach is simplicity and accessibility. Our no appointment necessary walk-in clinic means you can drop by when it suits your schedule. Whether it’s a sudden ailment, a minor medical concern, or you’re seeking a telemedicine consultation, we’re prepared to serve you promptly.

Affordable Hometown Clinic and House Calls Medical Services

We believe that quality healthcare should be accessible without breaking the bank. Our Tele-Med service is available at a highly competitive rate of just $45, ensuring that your health doesn’t come at a premium cost. And if you require a house call, we offer this comprehensive service for $250. We understand that your health is invaluable, and our pricing reflects our commitment to affordable care.

In the spirit of ensuring healthcare is available to everyone, we welcome you to BOOK NOW and experience the simplicity and convenience of Anytime Clinic Care. Our telemedicine services are in Kennesaw GA, house calls clinic in Acworth GA, covers all areas around. So, contact us today, because your well-being should be as flexible as your schedule!



Our Tele-Med services cover a wide range of healthcare needs. You can consult with us for various medical concerns, including preventive care, management of illnesses and injuries, chronic disease management, and direction to specialized care. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a specific health issue, our healthcare providers are here to help.

Telemedicine is a healthcare service that allows patients to consult with healthcare providers remotely using video calls, phone calls, or other digital communication methods. At Anytime Clinic Care, our telemedicine service enables patients to receive medical consultations and guidance from our healthcare professionals without physically visiting our clinic. 

Scheduling a Tele-Med appointment with Anytime Clinic Care is simple. You can book your appointment by contacting us through phone calls, text messages, social media platforms, or our online appointment scheduling system. 

While a Tele-Med appointment doesn’t involve a physical visit to our clinic, it provides you with direct access to our healthcare providers for a consultation. You can discuss your health concerns, receive guidance, and, when necessary, obtain prescriptions and medical advice. It offers the convenience of seeking medical attention without leaving your home or workplace.

Our Tele-Med service is available at an affordable rate of just $45, making it a cost-effective option for patients seeking remote medical consultations. We also offer house call services for those who prefer in-person visits, and this comprehensive service is priced at $250.