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Urgent Care

Urgent Care

What is urgent care for?

Urgent Care is the immediate need for relief from conditions like; you have an Allergic reactions, Nausea, Back pain, Pneumonia, Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), Rash, and Diarrhea. So Urgent Care is a quick emergency care service; For Fever, Rash, or headache, you call us (770-765-6989) to get seen and get it fixed immediately.

Anytime Clinic offers prompt medical care at a substantially lower cost by offering patients only the care they need. The Best Hispanic Clinic for Urgent Care in Atlanta GA – Anytime Primary Care & Wellness Clinic Powder Springs 770-765-6989 Clinica de Urgencia. 5077 Dallas Hwy #101 Powder Springs GA 30127. 80% of our patients are Hispanics and we get great reviews from Hispanic and referrals because of the treatment, price and best care. Clinica Medicos Powder Springs open also on Saturday for your convenience.

Prevention is key – Count On Our Urgent Care Center To Attain Immediate Medical Help & Treatment

Urgent care bridges the gap between your primary care physician and the emergency room, providing timely and efficient medical attention! If you find yourself facing a sudden medical concern, whether it’s an allergic reaction, back pain, pneumonia, pink eye, or other urgent health issues, Anytime Clinic Care is your trusted partner in providing immediate relief. 

“When to Choose Urgent Care – Immediate Relief for Various Conditions”

Urgent care serves as the timely solution for a range of medical conditions, including allergic reactions, nausea, back pain, pneumonia, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), rash, and diarrhea. It offers quick emergency care, making it the ideal choice when you’re dealing with issues like fever, rash, or headaches. For immediate assistance, simply contact us at (770-765-6989), and we’ll ensure you receive the prompt attention and relief you need.

We are here all ready to take care of you and your family! Anytime Clinic stands out by providing efficient and cost-effective medical care tailored to your specific needs. Renowned as the leading Hispanic Clinic for Urgent Care in Atlanta, GA, we pride ourselves on our top-notch healthcare services at Anytime Primary Care & Wellness Clinic in Powder Springs (770-765-6989). Our dedication to the well-being of our community is evident in our location at 5077 Dallas Hwy #101, Powder Springs, GA 30127.

A significant portion of our patients are from the Hispanic community, and their exceptional feedback and referrals speak volumes about the quality, affordability, and excellent care we deliver. To ensure accessibility, we’ve extended our services to include Saturdays at Clinica Medicos Powder Springs. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Comprehensive Urgent Care Services for Various Conditions/Viral Infections"

Poison ivy

Poison ivy rashes can lead to skin infections and even respiratory complications if you've inhaled urushiol. Call Anytime Urgent Care Clinic at Powder Springs (770-765-6989) for immediate care.

Ear Infections

Our expert team handles ear infections, whether they affect the inner ear, middle ear, or outer ear. Typical symptoms include ear pain, fever, ear drainage, and headaches. When it comes to ear problems, we're your best choice among urgent care options, serving Marietta, GA, and beyond (urgent care number: 770-765-6989).

Sinus infection

Sinus infections often follow a cold or upper respiratory infection, leading to congestion, swelling, and pain in the sinuses. When you need prompt care for sinus issues, Anytime Clinic is here for you, ensuring you receive the best care in Kennesaw, GA, and the surrounding area (urgent care clinic kennesaw GA).

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

We offer testing and treatment for various STDs, including HPV, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV. If you require urgent care for STDs, contact Anytime Clinic near Acworth, GA, at 770-765-6989.

Stomach Infection

Stomach infections, often associated with symptoms like watery diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting, require swift attention. Visit Anytime Clinic at 5077 Dallas Hwy (770-765-6989) for affordable and efficient urgent care near Smyrna, GA.

Strep throat

Bacterial infections that cause sore and scratchy throats are treated at Anytime Clinic. Our quick, walk-in service near Paulding County, GA (770-765-6989), ensures you get the prompt care you need for strep throat.

Urinary tract infections

UTIs can be painful and disruptive. When you experience symptoms such as burning during urination, frequent urges to urinate, and small urination amounts, turn to Anytime Clinic, your go-to urgent care clinic near Douglasville, GA (770-765-6989).


Vaginitis, marked by vaginal inflammation, discharge, itching, and pain, is effectively addressed at Anytime Urgent Care & Wellness Clinic. We also provide Hormone Replacement Therapy for women at competitive rates, serving Lithia Springs, GA, and nearby areas (770-765-6989).

Wound repair

We are proud to offer minor wound repair services, including cuts and sutures. Anytime Clinic, located at 5077 Dallas Hwy, is your trusted choice for urgent care near Dallas, GA.


For bronchitis, an inflammation of the bronchial tubes that may result in coughing, sore ribs, fatigue, and chills, choose Anytime Clinic Hiram (770-765-6989). Our walk-in services ensure you receive immediate care.

Skin Infections

Skin infections, such as cellulitis, are expertly treated at Clinica de Urgencias Powder Springs, where we even speak Spanish (Hablamos Espanol). At Anytime Clinic, your well-being is our top priority.

Ear aches & infections

At Anytime Clinic, we address various types of ear infections, whether viral, bacterial, or fungal. These infections can affect the inner ear, middle ear, or outer ear. If you're experiencing ear discomfort or infection, visit Clinica Marietta at Anytime Clinica, or call us at 770-765-6989 for swift and expert care.

Pinkeye (scratches & Eye irritations)

Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, or exposure to irritants such as chemicals or pollution. Bacterial pinkeye is especially common among children, often leading to school absences. For urgent care regarding eye issues, contact Medicos Powder Springs at 770-765-6989, located at 5077 Dallas Hwy.

Food poisoning

When food becomes tainted with harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, or toxins, it can lead to food poisoning. If you're experiencing symptoms of food poisoning and need immediate care, visit Clinica Medicos Kennesaw at 5077 Dallas Hwy (770-765-6989).

Hives & rashes

Hives and rashes can result from allergic reactions to food, substances you've come in contact with or medications. For effective care and treatment of hives and rashes, turn to Clinica Medicos Cerca de Mi in Lithia Springs, located at 5077 Dallas Hwy (770-765-6989).

Mono - The "Kissing Disease"

Infectious mononucleosis, commonly known as "mono," is primarily caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, a type of herpes virus. Mono can spread through activities such as kissing, sharing drinks, utensils, toothbrushes, or contact with mucus from the nose, throat, or tears. When in need of immediate care for mono symptoms, visit Clinica Medicos Cerca de Mi or call us at 770-765-6989. Your health and well-being are our utmost concern.

High-Quality Urgent Care For All - Is Anytime Clinic's Commitment

Our comprehensive urgent care services cover a broad spectrum of conditions, including viral infections like poison ivy, ear infections, sinus infections, STD testing and treatment, stomach infections, throat infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), vaginitis, wound repair, bronchitis, skin infections, ear aches, and eye irritations. We even address issues like food poisoning, hives, rashes, and infectious mononucleosis (mono), known as the “kissing disease.”

To better serve our diverse community, we also offer specialized services such as hormone replacement therapy for women. At our care clinic, affordability, accessibility, and quality care are at the core of our values. Our urgent care center is committed to providing expert medical services for minor injuries and pressing healthcare needs. With us, you have a reliable partner in urgent medical care, ensuring you get the attention and treatment you need when it’s most critical. For all your urgent care needs, trust the walk-in clinic and urgent care centre that’s dedicated to serving your local community. 

No matter where you’re located in Kennesaw, GA, Acworth, GA, Marietta, GA, Smyrna, GA, Lithia Springs, GA, Hiram, GA, Douglasville, GA, and Dallas, GA, among other nearby areas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Anytime Clinic Care for swift and effective care. Your health is our mission, and we’re here to provide the support you need for minor injuries and urgent health concerns.


Urgent care bridges the gap between your primary care physician and the emergency room, providing timely and efficient medical attention for various health concerns.

Urgent care serves as the ideal solution when you face sudden medical concerns such as allergic reactions, back pain, pneumonia, pink eye, rashes, or diarrhea. For immediate relief, contact us at (770-765-6989).

Urgent care covers a broad range of medical issues, including poison ivy, ear infections, sinus infections, STD testing and treatment, stomach infections, strep throat, urinary tract infections, vaginitis, wound repair, bronchitis, skin infections, ear aches, eye irritations, food poisoning, hives, rashes, and infectious mononucleosis (mono).

Our main clinic, Anytime Primary Care & Wellness Clinic, is located at 5077 Dallas Hwy #101, Powder Springs, GA 30127. We also offer services on Saturdays at Clinica Medicos Powder Springs.

We provide a wide range of services, including hormone replacement therapy for women, in addition to urgent care. Our clinic is dedicated to the well-being of our diverse community.

You can reach us by calling (770-765-6989) for immediate assistance with any medical concerns.

Yes, we’re committed to providing cost-effective medical care that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Absolutely, we’re here to serve all members of our community, regardless of their background or ethnicity. Your well-being is our top priority, and we provide high-quality care to everyone who seeks our services.

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