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Why a Healthy Breakfast Diet is Important for PCOS: Breakfast Ideas

It has been shown that eating breakfast can be highly helpful for PCOS and hormones. Consuming food first thing in the morning gives your body the fuel to function properly, making you feel more attentive and ready to face the day. Eating breakfast is also vital for maintaining stable blood sugar, which is particularly important for insulin resistance (approximately 70–80 percent of people with PCOS also have insulin resistance!). Breakfast should be consumed within less than an hour of waking up.

It is also an additional chance to provide your body with many helpful nutrients for PCOS, such as high-quality fats, fiber, antioxidants, and many more.

It’s possible that you read about how intermittent fasting can be useful for PCOS on the internet, and as a result, you’re now concerned about whether or not you must be eating breakfast at all. I have devoted an entire post to intermittent fasting on this blog; nevertheless, I do not suggest it for women with PCOS. 


We often eat breakfast, which results in excessive or compulsive eating. In my incident, I have found that going without food for an extended period frequently makes symptoms of PCOS-related eating disorders even more severe. Evidence suggests that going without food for an extended period can hurt reproductive hormones. This is exactly the overturn of what we want to achieve when we are working to treat PCOS.

How to Put Together a Breakfast for Women With PCOS

It’s easy to feel confused or scared that you’ll make a mistake in what you eat if you have PCOS because so much contradicting dietary advice is available for the condition. This is just a pleasant reminder that there is no such matter as a ‘bad’ meal and that paying attention to how your body feels after you eat can be a terrific sign of what’s working for you!

If you normally don’t have breakfast, my primary piece of guidance to you would be to consume something, even if it’s only a snack. This sense of “eating the right thing” may be bolstered by an obsession with particular macronutrients or the components of one’s breakfast.

You’ll be able to start introducing some “gentle nutrition” into your routine once you’ve gotten into the habit of eating at regular intervals.

A breakfast that consists of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat is an excellent method to address hormone imbalances and ensure you do not become hungry before your next meal. Most foods often consumed at breakfast, such as cereal and pastries, are sources of carbohydrates rather than protein or fat. Although this is not inherently “bad,” it may cause an increase in insulin levels. This rise in insulin can make you weary and hungry, leading to severe hormone imbalances if they already exist. 

This does have any leads that you should avoid eating carbs in the morning. Enjoying the meals you love, having enough fantastic energy, and nourishing your hormones can all be accomplished by pairing and adding other components! 

What does it issue if you wake up without an appetite in the morning?

If you don’t eat regularly, your body’s hunger and fullness hormones will change accordingly. If you do not have breakfast regularly, you should not be stunned if you do not experience the same hunger level when you get up in the morning.

Even though you are no longer experiencing those feelings, this does not mean your body no longer needs sustenance. You will need to resume your normal eating schedule to restore the balance of hormones in your body. I strongly advise you to consume something, even if it’s something as simple as a smoothie or a snack!

PCOS Breakfast Ideas (Suggestions)

My clients who participate in my coaching program receive a breakfast guide that includes examples of foods rich in protein, fat, and fiber and a grocery shopping guide that includes a wide variety of items and ideas for breakfast!

To get you started, here are some PCOS-friendly breakfast alternatives to consider. 

yogurt with fruit 

Greek yogurt combined with a fruit high in fiber content, such as raspberries. Dairy products are completely safe to consume if you have PCOS.

Oatmeal has been bolstered with a little more protein and fat. 

Oatmeal is a carbohydrate that is high in fiber. Even if you have insulin resistance or prediabetes, you can consume this, but adding some protein and fat to your diet can help reduce insulin spikes. Potential additions include protein powder, greek yogurt, nuts, and nut butter. These Kodiak Cakes oatmeal cups are a convenient alternative because they can be grabbed and taken on the move. 

Breakfast of scrambled eggs served with toast and berries, if desired. 

Unlike what some people believe, eggs do not cause an increase in cholesterol levels. Because egg yolks are so rich in vitamins and fat, I strongly suggest using at least one whole egg in whatever you make with eggs. I also enjoy preparing egg muffins that are convenient to take on the go, and my favorite baking cups are made of silicone. I put them in a muffin tray to make egg bites that are easy to take on the go!

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